Quick Rulesheet

Aodiel Mal’Anathran quicklink

Initiative: 1d6
To attack: 1d20
Aware/Alert check: 1d6
Saving throw: roll a d20 and the number listed above or better
Detection check: 1d6, 1-3 fail, 4-6 succeed, but if it involves infravision, +2 to roll
Ability check: 1d20, equal to or less than your score
Cast a spell: cast it, opponent rolls saving throw

Sleep works on people, creatures
Charm person works on people
Spells per level = not max spells in book, but max memorized per day. Currently Aodiel can memorize 4 spells: two lvl-1, two lvl-2.

Falling damage: p145
Elf details: p25
XP gain: p127
Detection: elves find traps, hidden doors on a 1 or 2 of 1d6.
1 turn per 10×10 area searched, roll 1d6 – 1 or 2 to succeed.

DM procedures: p147
Saving throw charts: p109
Weapons table: p62

How do monsters fight
Random Encounters: p91
Attack charts: p106-7
Order of combat chart: p102
All monsters roll on one chart: p107

Order of fight:
1. Roll 1d20
2. High = good
3. Bottom row = what I rolled, top row = what AC I hit
4. If I hit, roll 1d6 for damage
5. Rinse, repeat
6. If a 20 is rolled, guaranteed hit

1d6+2 healing

XP to monster hit dice chart – p.128

Saving throws base/-wis “Resistances”
Death ray or poisons: 8 (7) Nature
Magic wands: 10 (9) Shadow
Paralysis or turn to stone: 10 (9) Frost/cold
Dragon breath: 11 (10) Fire
Rod/staff/spell: 11 (10) Arcane
Mind attacks ?? (-1) ?

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Quick Rulesheet

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