The dwarven trading city of Mogh’Kharon is a good two-days’ journey to the south of Innsville, on a well-traveled road. It’s carved out of the side of a mountain, but still is largely open to the sky. There’s a strong law enforcement presence, with the local constabulary alert and efficient. Most inns are raucous, like sports bars on a good night. Or like sports bars on a bad night, with patrons occasionally being bodily thrown out onto the street.

Along the western wall is the Thrashing Monk, a reasonably reputable four-story inn with occasionally stunning views.

The eastern part of the city is home to the Mage quarter, where travelers go to trade in arcane trinkets, or to get a curse lifted from either an item or themselves. Ringdumpers are always in business, although some of the more dangerous customers get escorted there by rock golems.

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