Shadow Over Innsville

Adventure 2.5

Wakes up, goes to galley for food. Passengers! Bard

Adventure 2.4

Both Aodiel and Poltapi enjoyed all the lithe, supple amenities of their locale – in Poltapi’s case, two of them – and awoke the next morning refreshed. There was noise outside, and upon windowed reconnaissance, it seems a lynching was afoot. They dressed, secured their gains in their magical safes

Naga being lynched, managed to stop it, naga hauled away by guards, aodiel follows, trying to talk, gets shunted out. Aodiel & Poltapi go to mayor’s house/office to talk to him about naga, make appt. for noon, go back down to harbor.

Many boats more like scows, for shipping ore.

Mayor – Gareth Blahdiddyblah

14 remaining Inn 3 Franchising Opportunities! cards

HMS Akkogare Baroness

At noon, they meet with the Naga, who says The Shadow has taken over half his people, the ones trying to take down the obelisks. The rest of the Naga just want to live in peace down below the bay. The Baroness comes in, and demands to speak to the Naga alone, so A&P leave, only for the Baroness to come out and say “looks like you made a friend..”

Captain Rainier and A&P take a contingent of guards out to the obelisk, they observe, and then A & Cap go invisible to scout. They’re putting chips of the stone into a runed cauldron up near the cliffs, which glows each time the obelisk blinks – although the chips inside do not. The jeweled Naga sees them with his Orb, and we fight our way back to the main group, and there’s 8 Naga following. Big battle, Aodiel takes one out solo, lots of people fighting. Ao loots a huge bracelet with huge gems, and some electrum pieces. As they prepare to head back to town, the headless bodies of the dead naga come at them again, with magical smoke where their heads used to be. The people manage to defeat them again, barely. The group goes back to the town, and the Baroness orders the HMS Akkogare to be made ready.

The ship with its giant silver cannon and mage-blessed ordnance head out onto the bay. A mage enchanted a quiver of arrows for Aodiel as well. As they head out into the bay, it gets dark, and they fire the regular cannons out to where the runed cauldron was on shore. There’s an explosion, and a huge fire, and then something begins attacking the ship. Aodiel runs belowdecks to fire another blast, and is luckily not hit by the blast of intense cold that freezes most people down there with her. The cannon hits the rune cauldron, and there’s a purple glow that flares up and goes out on shore.

She runs up to the deck and narrowly avoids another blast of cold. They manage to hit twice what turns out to be a dragon, and it falls on the water. Aodiel says she’ll question it, and hops down onto the dragon along with Poltapi. It turns out the obelisks have been harming her eggs, so she enchanted some naga to take care of them for her, as the stone is immensely painful to her. Aodiel vows to help the dragon move her eggs (as thunder rolls and magic begins coiling about them), and the dragon vows to neither attack the town, nor teach her children to either. The pact is sealed, and now Aodiel’s eyes are smoking, she’s freaky strong, and she can breathe underwater. She goes to get the eggs, and they’re trussed in a net below the ship. The dragon must leave the bay to regain her strength, and she reminds Aodiel of her vow as she leaves. They drop the Baroness and Poltapi off at town, and prepare the ship for the voyage to the Mirabilis Islands.

Poltapi and Aodiel say goodbye, as Poltapi really needs to be getting back to work. Aodiel gets on the ship TO ADVENTURE, and they wave g’bye, swearing to meet again.

The first day out, they end up defending the ship from a hydra (which Aodiel defeats single-handedly; thanks, guys), and the second day is uneventful.

HOWEVER! A passenger (out of 6) on the boat has some Bluestone, dun dun DUNNNN.

Adventure 2.3

Once on the shore, they made camp, and the night passed uneventfully (except for a brief sound like a waterfall, that only lasted for a few minutes). Upon awakening, they continued south along the shoreline, noticing a series of blinks coming from across the ocean, curving around, then back up near where they were. They could just barely make out another shoreline far out across the water, and also… a fin rising out of it, and making its way toward land.

A sea snake! It attacked, and after a brief fight, both getting bit, it was vanquished. Two shots of Mom balm did the trick, and with some lingering discomfort, they continued on their way. Upon rounding a corner, they saw an obelisk, one of the many that must be used as lighthouses, as there was a light that occasionally pulsed from its point.

The only problem was the pack of naga busily working at its base. Aodiel quickly threw Invisibility over them both, and they cautiously made their way forward. A naga in shiny gold jewelry was clearly the leader, barking orders to about 20 others, and occasionally would make his way to the water with a large horn, which he submerged and blew. There would be an answering call out to sea, sounding like a waterfall, and a mist would come in, always staying just offshore. The leader would call to his compatriots every so often, making them halt their work on the obelisk until the blink was past, then they would resume chipping away.

Aodiel and Poltapi were able to successfully pass the danger, although the leader sent two in their general direction, having sensed something. While they were followed for about 4 hours, eventually the naga turned back in disgust at wasted time.
They passed two more obelisks, not yet under attack by the naga, and then saw a large sailing ship. When it saw the mist (and the mist began coming for them), the ship furled sail and strobes appeared in its bow. The mist dissipated, they unfurled, and made their way on.

Finally, they came to a bustling seaside town. After punching a hapless tree to remove the invisibility (and startling the hell out of a drunken sailor), they entered the city and wandered about, looking for housing. They wanted somewhere pretty nice (too many flophouses right by the docks), and found a gorgeous villa that promised a “full-service” stay. Upon entering & slapping down two days’-worth of gp on the desk, the lady in charge looked up at Poltapi and down at Aodiel, and directed one of the Ladies of the Night to take the bags up to their new room.

Wait, what?


Adventure 2.2


A New Friend
Aodiel went with Poltapi to meet the buyer at a tavern in a part of Mogh’Kharon I wasn’t familiar with. Exchange was brief & off the record. The buyer is Quarend Yeryth, a human female, well-dressed, hooded. Very polite, well-mannered.
As they walked away back to the Arcane Quarter, there was a big flash of lightning that stuck around for a bit. Then a bunch of constables and fire people running back the way they came.. then Quarend dashing around a corner in stark terror, throwing the locket back at Aodiel & saying she didn’t want it anymore. Before she could ask what was up, a strange amalgam of gnoll/mindflayer/?? appeared and began spellcasting at them. The streets suddenly swarmed with terrified people, running out of the city, and Aodiel was able to dash off a Charm spell in time. Pojj (as we discovered his name) became a bestestest bud, and demanded the locket. Nicely. Also disjointedly, as he wasn’t in his right mind. They ran through the city, trying to leave, whereupon they were caught in a dead end. A dwarf mage (!) appeared at the far end, and said a complimentary portal out of the city would appear should we so wish to choose it. We chose it.

And fell.

And fell.

And appeared in a very nice room on divans.

Den of Iniquity
Checked around for doors or windows, found none, went to sleep. Had smexy dream of hawt elf dude (Content Not Found: dace-leggedi), smelled real good, tasty food, tasty drink, tasty smex. Woke up, found bookshelves, book with my name, Oscwen’s name, others. Realtime descriptions of dreams, lots of illustrations (yow), Oscwen’s was largely scribbled and faded, but mentioned her winning a riddle and disappearing. We get bored, ask for game, Pojj (lots calmer now) said it was a game. I take a nap, talk to Dace, learn how to play game. Wake up, play with Pojj, he uses Wild Magic to mess with game, I take nap, play with Dace, use Wild Magic to win, he freaks shit, I wake up & he’s there, room starts twisting and freaking, inanimate objects start melting into people, Dace yells at us to leave, opens portal, we take books & go through, end up in jungle.

Poltapi develops eye on forehead, we get followed by leopard-man-thing, it attacks Poltapi, I stab it, Pojj tackles it, I heal Poltapi while the lads go at it.

They manage to make their way through the jungle, and discover a switchback trail leading to the Western Ocean. They make camp on the beach, and Aodiel checks the bluestone compass – it points south.

Adventure 2.1
In Which Our Heroine "Rocks" Out


Several months after Adventure 1 Baron von Schmittelstein is a large mining magnate (very large) who won’t leave Inn 3, eating the Mal’Anathrans out of house & home (& business) and shows no signs of paying for any of it. Finally confronted by Aodiel, he blubbers that he’s actually lost everything, but is hoping for a revival of fortune once a special delivery arrives.

Adventure 2! (2.1, anyway)

Back at Innsville…

An Old Friend
It turns out to be Cerit Keysmelter, with a large bag of a glowing blue stone. Seems he’s been quite a successful miner with the help of the awesome gem-finding sword, and has a Bluestone compass now to boot. The Bluestone is a very different relative to the more usual Sunstone (golden yellow in color, but doesn’t glow), and the Baron is hoping it will be a fabulous moneymaker.

Unfortunately, that night Inn 3 is hit by a ninja! Or at least, someone who stole the bag of Bluestone. Armed with her trusty broom, Aodiel even slept across the doorway – but taking care of the Baron gets tiring, so at best she was only able to swat at the thief as s/he leapt away. Since it was a Dark & Stormy Night™, there were few footprints to follow, so Aodiel and Cerit sat down to discuss options.

Cerit would give Aodiel his compass, to better find the thief, as well as the sword. He would take the rest of his wares north to [the City], and Aodiel would head down to the mine where it was first found.

The Statue
Aodiel’s first stop was the crumbling statue NE of Innsville. She had a horse this time (Blossom), so it didn’t take half a day & a ride in a farmer’s cart. She cleared it of vegetation (again), and gathered a few stones in a cairn before it… but forgot her candle, and rode back to town to get one. :P When she got back, the stones were gone, so she gathered more, piled them up (keeping one for herself as before), placed the candle, meditated a moment, then turned to leave. It was a cloudless blue sky in an empty prairie, but she began hearing sounds of battle, and felt a rattling in her pocket.

Turning, she saw the candle burning down quickly, even though the sun wasn’t moving any faster than normal, and pulling a stone from her pocket, it began levitating from her hand and pushing towards her chest. Freaking out, she tried to get away from the stone, but she tripped, fell, and blacked out. Upon awakening, the sun hadn’t moved, and the stones were once again gone. And on her chest was a small red tattoo, an 8-pointed star of maces and spears.

Having had enough of weirdness for one day, she hops on Blossom and, checking the compass, heads south.

We can’t stop here – it’s treant country

The Treant
Around dusk, she sees a large caravan has pulled wagons for the night, and hopes they have space for one more. But first, a lone tree on the side of the road (several yards off), immediately begins lurching slowly in her direction. Casting Light to blind it, she notices a large heart with “F+M” inside. Via infravision, it’s colder than anything else on the treant, and Aodiel attempts to chop it off.

The crazed treant dislikes this procedure.

With thorough chopping, a good portion of the heart sigil is removed, but by this time, the Light has worn off, and the treant is fighting back. Unfortunately, after much hopping about, Aodiel takes a puncture wound to the chest, and blacks out to the sounds of battle. Upon awakening, the treant is down, with swords and axes sticking out of its back… which disappear as she blinks and sits up, as has the tattoo on her chest.

With its last breath, it says “thank you,” and a broken tip of a dagger pops out of its back. Aodiel grabs it in a hankie and puts it in her knapsack, then goes to the caravan, the moon not having moved much at all during all this.

Fireside chats
The people at the caravan are friendly, and with much drinking and carousing, a song is played by the troubadors regarding the Flight of Didapper Academy. A whole campus of mages was lifted from the ground by the Evil Mage Findorel and soared into the air, no one knowing where it went or where it is today.

CSI: Innsville
The next morning, a bit south of the caravan, Aodiel came across a crime scene. Dead bodies were being loaded onto a wagon, and some wizards were examining the scene. A reedy, bespectacled reporter was arguing with one of the attendant guards, demanding rights of the press. Aodiel asked if a treant did it, which got the attention of the mage in charge of the investigation. She told him what happened the night before, and he sent a magical scout to verify her story.
Sufficiently verified, he shooed her off, and to Radke’s excitement, gave a full report to him.


Entering the City

The Thrashing Monk
She found lodging at the Thrashing Monk, a reasonably reputable inn along the east wall of the city. She edged her way to an alley to check the Bluestone compass, and heard some groans from deeper inside. Being a practical sort, she ignored them, and went back to her room. Upon waking the next morning, the local constabulary was loading an apparently dead body onto a cart, whereupon it sat up and zombied out. Aodiel grabbed her bow and managed to fire off a shot at it, but apparently the police were used to this sort of thing, and didn’t appreciate the assistance.

The Ringdumper
At the entrance to the Mage Section of the city, an alarm went off at the gate when Aodiel tried to enter. Upon being wanded (with no further alarm), she was ushered into the gatehouse to speak with the captain. The fact that her cursed item was so well-hidden it only set off one alarm meant she was to be escorted directly to the ringdumper by a rock golem. It stood in the doorway, block entrance or exit while a rather nervous ringdumper took the necessary information down from a safe spot under the desk. Turns out, it’s a Findorel special, and Poltapi (the rather large half-orc) was rather excited to see one personally.

Selling bad stuff
She said she had a buyer, to Aodiel’s consternation. Seems lots of folks out there rather admire Findorel’s things of doom, and they’re quite the collectors’ item.

Adventure 1
In Which Our Heroine is Strapped for Cash


Inn 3 of Innsville (not to be confused with Caravanserai 6 or Tavern 8) is run by the Mal’Anathrans, an elvish family originally hailing from [unknown yet]. Stoneheel Jackson, a local hotel magnate, is determined that Inn 3 fail so he can buy them out. The Mal’Anathrans must raise 10,000gp in a month’s time in order to save their inn.



The Statue

The Farm

The Goblins

The Mountain, Roc & Dwarf

The Cave

The Fight!

The Return



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