Shadow Over Innsville

Adventure 2.4

Both Aodiel and Poltapi enjoyed all the lithe, supple amenities of their locale – in Poltapi’s case, two of them – and awoke the next morning refreshed. There was noise outside, and upon windowed reconnaissance, it seems a lynching was afoot. They dressed, secured their gains in their magical safes

Naga being lynched, managed to stop it, naga hauled away by guards, aodiel follows, trying to talk, gets shunted out. Aodiel & Poltapi go to mayor’s house/office to talk to him about naga, make appt. for noon, go back down to harbor.

Many boats more like scows, for shipping ore.

Mayor – Gareth Blahdiddyblah

14 remaining Inn 3 Franchising Opportunities! cards

HMS Akkogare Baroness

At noon, they meet with the Naga, who says The Shadow has taken over half his people, the ones trying to take down the obelisks. The rest of the Naga just want to live in peace down below the bay. The Baroness comes in, and demands to speak to the Naga alone, so A&P leave, only for the Baroness to come out and say “looks like you made a friend..”

Captain Rainier and A&P take a contingent of guards out to the obelisk, they observe, and then A & Cap go invisible to scout. They’re putting chips of the stone into a runed cauldron up near the cliffs, which glows each time the obelisk blinks – although the chips inside do not. The jeweled Naga sees them with his Orb, and we fight our way back to the main group, and there’s 8 Naga following. Big battle, Aodiel takes one out solo, lots of people fighting. Ao loots a huge bracelet with huge gems, and some electrum pieces. As they prepare to head back to town, the headless bodies of the dead naga come at them again, with magical smoke where their heads used to be. The people manage to defeat them again, barely. The group goes back to the town, and the Baroness orders the HMS Akkogare to be made ready.

The ship with its giant silver cannon and mage-blessed ordnance head out onto the bay. A mage enchanted a quiver of arrows for Aodiel as well. As they head out into the bay, it gets dark, and they fire the regular cannons out to where the runed cauldron was on shore. There’s an explosion, and a huge fire, and then something begins attacking the ship. Aodiel runs belowdecks to fire another blast, and is luckily not hit by the blast of intense cold that freezes most people down there with her. The cannon hits the rune cauldron, and there’s a purple glow that flares up and goes out on shore.

She runs up to the deck and narrowly avoids another blast of cold. They manage to hit twice what turns out to be a dragon, and it falls on the water. Aodiel says she’ll question it, and hops down onto the dragon along with Poltapi. It turns out the obelisks have been harming her eggs, so she enchanted some naga to take care of them for her, as the stone is immensely painful to her. Aodiel vows to help the dragon move her eggs (as thunder rolls and magic begins coiling about them), and the dragon vows to neither attack the town, nor teach her children to either. The pact is sealed, and now Aodiel’s eyes are smoking, she’s freaky strong, and she can breathe underwater. She goes to get the eggs, and they’re trussed in a net below the ship. The dragon must leave the bay to regain her strength, and she reminds Aodiel of her vow as she leaves. They drop the Baroness and Poltapi off at town, and prepare the ship for the voyage to the Mirabilis Islands.

Poltapi and Aodiel say goodbye, as Poltapi really needs to be getting back to work. Aodiel gets on the ship TO ADVENTURE, and they wave g’bye, swearing to meet again.

The first day out, they end up defending the ship from a hydra (which Aodiel defeats single-handedly; thanks, guys), and the second day is uneventful.

HOWEVER! A passenger (out of 6) on the boat has some Bluestone, dun dun DUNNNN.



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