Shadow Over Innsville

Adventure 2.3

Once on the shore, they made camp, and the night passed uneventfully (except for a brief sound like a waterfall, that only lasted for a few minutes). Upon awakening, they continued south along the shoreline, noticing a series of blinks coming from across the ocean, curving around, then back up near where they were. They could just barely make out another shoreline far out across the water, and also… a fin rising out of it, and making its way toward land.

A sea snake! It attacked, and after a brief fight, both getting bit, it was vanquished. Two shots of Mom balm did the trick, and with some lingering discomfort, they continued on their way. Upon rounding a corner, they saw an obelisk, one of the many that must be used as lighthouses, as there was a light that occasionally pulsed from its point.

The only problem was the pack of naga busily working at its base. Aodiel quickly threw Invisibility over them both, and they cautiously made their way forward. A naga in shiny gold jewelry was clearly the leader, barking orders to about 20 others, and occasionally would make his way to the water with a large horn, which he submerged and blew. There would be an answering call out to sea, sounding like a waterfall, and a mist would come in, always staying just offshore. The leader would call to his compatriots every so often, making them halt their work on the obelisk until the blink was past, then they would resume chipping away.

Aodiel and Poltapi were able to successfully pass the danger, although the leader sent two in their general direction, having sensed something. While they were followed for about 4 hours, eventually the naga turned back in disgust at wasted time.
They passed two more obelisks, not yet under attack by the naga, and then saw a large sailing ship. When it saw the mist (and the mist began coming for them), the ship furled sail and strobes appeared in its bow. The mist dissipated, they unfurled, and made their way on.

Finally, they came to a bustling seaside town. After punching a hapless tree to remove the invisibility (and startling the hell out of a drunken sailor), they entered the city and wandered about, looking for housing. They wanted somewhere pretty nice (too many flophouses right by the docks), and found a gorgeous villa that promised a “full-service” stay. Upon entering & slapping down two days’-worth of gp on the desk, the lady in charge looked up at Poltapi and down at Aodiel, and directed one of the Ladies of the Night to take the bags up to their new room.

Wait, what?




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