Shadow Over Innsville

Adventure 2.2


A New Friend
Aodiel went with Poltapi to meet the buyer at a tavern in a part of Mogh’Kharon I wasn’t familiar with. Exchange was brief & off the record. The buyer is Quarend Yeryth, a human female, well-dressed, hooded. Very polite, well-mannered.
As they walked away back to the Arcane Quarter, there was a big flash of lightning that stuck around for a bit. Then a bunch of constables and fire people running back the way they came.. then Quarend dashing around a corner in stark terror, throwing the locket back at Aodiel & saying she didn’t want it anymore. Before she could ask what was up, a strange amalgam of gnoll/mindflayer/?? appeared and began spellcasting at them. The streets suddenly swarmed with terrified people, running out of the city, and Aodiel was able to dash off a Charm spell in time. Pojj (as we discovered his name) became a bestestest bud, and demanded the locket. Nicely. Also disjointedly, as he wasn’t in his right mind. They ran through the city, trying to leave, whereupon they were caught in a dead end. A dwarf mage (!) appeared at the far end, and said a complimentary portal out of the city would appear should we so wish to choose it. We chose it.

And fell.

And fell.

And appeared in a very nice room on divans.

Den of Iniquity
Checked around for doors or windows, found none, went to sleep. Had smexy dream of hawt elf dude (Content Not Found: dace-leggedi), smelled real good, tasty food, tasty drink, tasty smex. Woke up, found bookshelves, book with my name, Oscwen’s name, others. Realtime descriptions of dreams, lots of illustrations (yow), Oscwen’s was largely scribbled and faded, but mentioned her winning a riddle and disappearing. We get bored, ask for game, Pojj (lots calmer now) said it was a game. I take a nap, talk to Dace, learn how to play game. Wake up, play with Pojj, he uses Wild Magic to mess with game, I take nap, play with Dace, use Wild Magic to win, he freaks shit, I wake up & he’s there, room starts twisting and freaking, inanimate objects start melting into people, Dace yells at us to leave, opens portal, we take books & go through, end up in jungle.

Poltapi develops eye on forehead, we get followed by leopard-man-thing, it attacks Poltapi, I stab it, Pojj tackles it, I heal Poltapi while the lads go at it.

They manage to make their way through the jungle, and discover a switchback trail leading to the Western Ocean. They make camp on the beach, and Aodiel checks the bluestone compass – it points south.



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